Motorcycle Tank Straps Manual

Does it fit my motorcycle tank?
The Tank Straps are universal and are made to fit most tanks and they are compatible with all OAKS & PHOENIX backpacks.
Does it scratch my tank?
All bags are fitted with removable shoulder straps and split key rings to make sure that no metal are scratching the tank. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that the luggage is attached in such a way that it does not damage your tank. 
Video Instruction:


If the bag is not attached securely, it may become detached. This may cause an obstruction that could lead to serious injury and even death.

Do not overload - Maximum recommended loading capacity is 8 kg.

Always store heavy items in the bottom of the bag in order to distribute the weight.

Do only attach OAKS & PHOENIX bags to the Tank Straps.

Always refer to instructions provided with this product and with your motorcycle before attaching the Tank Straps and bag to your tank.

Inspect Tank Straps and bag for signs of wear and tear before riding.

Before fitting your tank bag, always ensure that the tank is completely free from any dirt. Even the finest of residue can lead to making of the tank. It is also advisable to clean the bottom of the bag every time before use. ( traces of metal could be attracted to the magnets)
    Final Inspection:
    Make sure that the bag is securely fastened before setting off.

    Straddle your motorcycle and move it from side to side to make sure the bag is fasten securely.