Old Bikes…. Everybody loves them, they are outdated, rattly, and perform pretty horribly in comparison to modern motorcycles. Why is it so that you can’t get enough of them? PERSONALITY is the word. They have history, a story and their own little ticks that you grow to love. As things go I’ve had a run of Scrambler bikes come through the garage recently which got me thinking on just how these bikes came about and why. Previously to this, I was seeing a huge surge in heavy road bikes having the tyres swapped out for Knobbys, a set of tracker bars slapped on and branded a Scrambler. I won’t claim to have ever built the perfect off-road machine, but jeez you gotta at least try. So I wanted to take a look at what makes a good scrambler and more importantly why that is. Purpose is the center of our universe after all. Last chance, if alternatively, you’re looking for a cafe racer